Monday, June 25, 2007

What a summer!

Well, the graduation open house is behind me, the wedding of my oldest is still 3 months away and baseball season is in high gear.

I just completed a batch of purple (fuchsia to turquoise) gradations. Six regular and six with black for a bit of shade. I have a batch of orange (fuchsia to lemon yellow) gradations waiting to be rinsed and set. Eight regular and eight muddied up with black for shade. I ran out of Glauber's Salt but, when that comes I'll do the green scale, as well. (Glauber's salt is better than regular salt when using turquiose.)

As long as I had to order the salt, I went ahead and ordered a frame for fabric painting. I like the one I made, but the one I ordered is bigger and adjustable. I also ordered some supplies to try my hand at silk painting. Cotton is okay --- but colors are more vibrant on silk. I look forward to experimenting with silk painting. I'll post results when I've tried it.

I'm at the binding stage of a wall quilt I made yesterday. When I'm done I'll post it. It's not much. Just a little something to brighten up the wall in the laundry room/garage entry. It's the first wall quilt that I embellished using the clay buttons that I made. (They make nice centers for the rag flowers.)