Thursday, March 29, 2007

Trying something new ...

When it comes to working with fabric, I am never unwilling to *try* things. I have many failures but it is only fabric, after all. So, when I got last this months issue of Quilting Arts magazine, I thought I really do need to try this resist process. They do it with silk, but I prefer to do my work in cotton.

I'm not sure it will be successful but I won't let that stop me. So yesterday I went to the art supply store and bought a few things I didn't already have and then, after work, I built my own stretcher frame for stretching the fabric tight for working on, some gel glue and some resist.

So far I've stretched a piece of muslin and have drawn my picture with gel glue, which I am using in place of regular resist. I read in a blog somewhere that you can substitute gel glue, so I'm trying that first. It will be interesting to see if there is a difference in result quality side by side.

I see a few areas where the gel glue is too thin, so i need to go back and reinforce my lines. The article warned about that, so it must be a technique thing, not a gel or resist thing. Maybe tomorrow night I'll have time to mix some dye and try my hand at this process.

I'll post my results when I complete this "experiment."

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