Saturday, March 31, 2007

Working with Resist

Well, I've been working on 2 different pieces. One with gel glue resist and one with a maunfactured resist that was professionally made and packages. So far my results are very much the same. If I apply so much dye that the fabric is WET, or I wet the fabric before applying the dye, it bleeds to the neighboring section. If I apply dye with a brush and do not have a moisture saturated fabric, it works much better. Ive also found that when I use my heat gun to do a quick dry on the day sections it help prevent the bleeding of one section to another.

These are the two pieces I did. The "door" was done with gel glue and the feehand diamond grid was done with the color block resist I purchased. It's somewhat difficult to compair with the pictures simply because of the different techniques used so you'll have to just "trust me" with my observations of how the different formulas reacted during the dye application.

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