Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Happy Easter!

My computer went on strike when I tried to load some music onto my iPod and I couldn't use it for a coupla days. Now I am trying to load my iPod using my kids' computer. (Bad Mammy!) My computer just came back from it's vacation and I'm just getting ready to go on mine.

I am packing tonight so that the kids and I can leave for the airport tomorrow after I get home from work. We are heading to California for a long weekend for them and a week long stay for me. My oldest, Ashley, is in Montery at the DLI learning Arabic for the MN National Guard. We will be celebrating Easter with her and then on Thursday her fiancee, Tim, graduates from Russian school at DLI, so I will be staying there to see him graduate. I will also be meeting my daughters future in-laws. I hope they like me.

I will post California pictures when I return in about 9 days.

I am working on a coupla small things that I will post when I finish. Probably not until the 3rd week of April.

Until then, Easter blessing!
Shelley Ann

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