Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This has not been a good 2 weeks. My computer went completely AWOL on me and my dear, sweet, oh-so-patient husband is in the process of reformatting the whole thing and, as long as he's at it, he's souping it up with some DVD reader/writer which also does some other cool stuff. (I know because there were a lot of acronyms in the description!) Anyway - I am not up and running properly, yet. He should be done fiddling with it in a day or two. The other thing that has set me back a bit is that, when I was in CA visiting my lovely daughter ... who is 20 today so "Happy Birthday Little Dolly" ... I lost my camera the 2nd day I was there. Now I cannot take pictures of my work in progress or post anything for sale until I get another one. In the meantime, I am working in my studio, trying to lose a few pounds before Cheekie's open house (she's my 2nd daughter), my surrogate daughter Amanda's wedding, the Dahl family reunion and the Perron family reunion all coming in the next 2 months. If I had that camera I'd've taken a before picture ... okay, maybe not. It's easy to make statements about what I would do if I could when I know that I can't. (Did you get all that?) The picture at the top of this post is my little Ashley when we visited her last fall. This picture was taken at The Taste of Monterey where we go for wine tastings whenever we're there. (Check it out if you ever find yourself in Monterey California. It's a nice relaxing atmosphere to taste in and they have a nice variety of wine and gifts.) Anyway - When things improve with my computer and I obtain a camera I will post some new pictures. In the meantime ... God bless you!

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