Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm nearly there!

My computer is running great and I bought a new digital camera today. I'm nearly there! I still have to introduce the camera to my computer but, once that's done, I'll be back to posting more pictures. And pictures are worth 1000 words!

I'm ready to be back in the studio. I've spent this weekend getting my front yard in shape. Splitting and replanting lilies, mulching, stringing pretty tree lights, putting out decorative bird houses, etc. So, even though I was not able to be in my studio, I was productive.

Etsy's giving me a bit of a headache. It was down for a few days being "fixed" or "updated" or something like that. It's all done and back online but now pictures/graphics are either taking a terribly long time to load or not loading at all. No one is going to buy artwork based on a description. I hope they get that bug fixed soon. Until then I won't post anything. I don't want to pay for the posting and have the front page "new posting" feature go to waste because the graphics aren't working. I count on that free publicity to get people to view my other artwork, too!

Well - I guess that's it for today. Now to have my new camera say hello to my newly reformatted computer. This should be fun...

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